Oh shit, you had to go and get this guy started…

Fuckin' milk-drinkers…

Now calm down Deeyo, he don't now you got a grudge against elves on accounta they ruined your asteroid mining business. 

Twenty-six freighters! Vaped, Zeke… they vaped 'em. Fuckin' dust in the wind. 

Alright long story short, elves're tall, pointy-eared immortal motherfuckers. Every one of 'em is magical, and they're s'posed to have a deep connection to nature, though if you ask me the jury's still out on whether they's just pretentious assholes. 

There ain't no justice in the world, Zeke… Fookin' elves… 

Finally, they run the Tal'Shar Empire, which is a cluster of elf-dominated worlds where the knife-ears are treated like gods and served by swarms of clone slaves. 

Ah kin still hear the screams, Zeke. Ach, the screams! 

And a while back, Deeyo had an outlaw asteroid mining business what would sneak into Tal'Shar space and make off with rare ores. They found out the hard way how the Tals got to run a galactic empire in the first place. 

Will ye… will ye help me dry the tears from me beard, Zeke? 

Of course I will, buddy. Let's get you cleaned up. 

Elves are slender, graceful humanoids with fine features, descended from the fey creatures of old. They are deeply, inherently magical, and strive to live in tune with the natural world. Elves tend to be slightly taller than the average human, with distinctive pointed ears, a lean frame, and musical voices. Elves age very slowly and the aging process stops altogether around 1,000 years old, which is the elven equivalent of middle age, making them functionally immortal (although they can still be killed by violent means). As a consequence of this, the elven birth rate is very low. 

As a consequence of their fey ancestry, every single pure-blooded elf possesses magical potential, unlike other races. Throughout their potentially immortal lives, most elves will learn at least some degree of spellcasting, and there are more elven archmages on the Silver Council than any other race. 

During the industrial era, the elves became increasingly concerned about the pollution and destruction being wrought by the many new emerging technologies. Many times, they sought to curtail the excesses of industry and progress, but they were continually rebuffed by the emerging hegemony of corporations, most of which were dominated by humans, dwarves, and goblins. The elves began to withdraw to their forested city-states, becoming isolated and somewhat hostile to the outside world. 

The advent of space travel was seen by most elves as a means of escaping from  the despoiled and pillaged Earth. The greatest elven city states began to collaborate on a massive project, fusing genetic engineering and high technology and feats of sorcery previously unimagined to create the Void Drakes, massive winged reptiles engineered to travel and survive in the void of space. Using special capsules and enormous harnesses, the elves turned the void drakes into living star ships and, in an event known as the Abandonment, launched a mass exodus away from Earth, eventually settling in the Proxima Centurai system and founding the Tal'Shar Empire. Today, less than a thousand elves remain on Earth. 

Elves in the 25th millennium have regained a position of prominence in the galaxy. The Tal'Shar Empire, with its armies of Blank soldiers its swarms of void drakes, is one of the three major powers in the known universe, and is a real rival and threat to the human-led Alliance. It's elven citizens lead lives of aristocratic privilege, holding literally every important position in military or civilian leadership. The worlds settled by Imperial forces are carefully cultivated blend Tal'Shar settlements seamlessly with the natural ecosystem, unlike the often polluted and strip-mined Alliance. And elven mages and artisans have led the galaxy in the creation of advanced magitech. It is unquestioned that the Tal'Shar Empire ushered in a second golden age for elven society,  but this society is built on the backs of the Blank servants who form the bulk of the imperial army and work force. Imperial officials claim that Blanks are genetically designed to enjoy servitude and are not slaves but valued helpers. But nevertheless, the more skeptical among the elves wonder if their glorious empire is worth the price forcibly paid by their genetically-engineered progeny. 

  • Ability Scores – Elves are uncommonly adroit, both mentally and physically, but they tend to be less resilient. They gain +2 to Dexterity and Intelligence, but -2 to Constitution. 
  • Elven Immunities – Elves are immune to sleep and gain a +2 to saving throws against enchantment spells. 
  • Keen Senses – Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on perception checks. 
  • Elven Magic – All elves are inherently magical. You gain the magical bloodline Line of Titania
  • Low-Light Vision – Elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light. 


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